Cross-docking & Warehousing

When you aren't ready to receive goods at your own facility it can be very difficult to find the right cross-docking help, especially for oversized shipments. Improper handling during cross-docking can be very costly and can result in terrible business losses.

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We at Redmond & Associates make cross-docking simple and seamless. With trained staff and the correct equipment to handle just about anything, we will unload your equipment safely and carefully in the shortest time possible. We offer short term storage in our extensive warehouse, at the best rates manageable. Then, when you're ready, we will load your shipment back up at your convenience, allowing you adequate time to get organized. We offer simple and convenient cross-docking services.

Our safe storage facilities enable us to provide short-term warehousing at the best rates.

Our trained employees will carefully and skillfully unload and reload trailers for a seamless cross-docking experience.

Some of the cross-docking services we offer include:
  • Stop-over service
  • Temporary storage
  • Load transfers
  • Container loading and unloading
  • Custom crating