Redmond & Associates is a leading provider of industrial machinery moving services, built on the foundation of honesty, efficiency, hard work, and dedication. Founded in 1996 by Tony and Jennifer Redmond in Oshawa, Ontario, as a family-run business, Redmond & Associates has grown to become a trusted name in the industry.

The success of Redmond & Associates can be credited to the loyalty and perseverance of our employees and founders. Their hardwork and dedication lead to the company relocating from a modest 1400 square-foot facility to a much larger facility at Mississauga. With the addition of many more hardworking employees at the Mississauga facility, our company was able to reach new heights and continue to deliver top-notch industrial machinery relocation services.

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Safety is at the heart of everything we do at Redmond & Associates. We understand that without ensuring safety, we cannot truly serve our clients to the best of our ability. Not only that, we also want our employees to stay safe at all times so that they can do what they are so great at — moving your machines!. We provide our employees with the best personal protection equipment and kits. R&A significantly invests in protective and safety equipment in accordance with all the safety codes recommended by regulatory authorities.

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All of our Movers are fully trained and certified in the following courses:

  • Forklift Certification
  • Common Worksite Injuries
  • Fall Protection
  • Cranes, Hoists and Lifting Devices
  • First Aid CPR-A & AED
  • Directing Vehicles
  • Mobile Elevated Work Platforms
  • Electrical Safety
  • Hoisting & Rigging (for Team Leads)
  • Equipment and Tool Hazards
  • WHMIS 2015 + GHS
  • Fall Prevention
  • Occupational Health & Safety
  • Fire Safety
  • Personal Protective Equipment