Turn-key Solutions

Hiring one company to handle the transportation, a second company to move and erect the machinery and equipment, and a third to provide the leveling, aligning, and anchoring can be time consuming and a hassle. Coordinating riggers, millwrights, and haulers can bring project schedule delays and miscommunication. Your project needs a trusted one-stop partner for seamless heavy lifting and heavy hauling.


Machinery moving can be complex. It is easy to get lost trying to manage equipment utilities, machinery moving and erecting, loading and unloading, rigging, leveling, aligning and anchoring the equipment in place, while ensuring the safety of staff and equipment. Not to mention all the paperwork that needs to be handled concurrently.

We at Redmond & Associates offer turn-key machinery moving solutions to all our clients. Being your one-stop-shop for all your machinery moving needs, we will handle the entire process from start to finish, on time and within budget, freeing you from the unnecessary stress.

Time is precious, and we at Redmond & Associates value your time. So let us take care of your machinery moving needs while you take care of things that are truly important for the prosperity of your business.

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Machinery moving is never easy, so getting us involved in the early stages of your project will guarantee a smooth and stress free moving experience.

We will:

  • Devise a plan to transport your machinery in the most efficient, cost-effective and easiest way possible.
  • Handle all the logistical aspects of the project, including obtaining all necessary clearances and permits
  • Provide secure and efficient warehousing of your machinery, regardless of its size
  • Provide crating and packaging services on-site or at our facility
  • Erect, rig, level, and align your machinery in the safest and most efficient way at the job site.
  • Handle your project entirely from start to finish

When you hire us for your industrial machinery moving needs, you can sit back and relax while we do all the work. Our services are seamless and end-to-end, guaranteeing peace of mind and satisfaction to our clients.